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UX Design for Product Video

A lot of prep work is necessary for marketing material that stands out. When making a product video, we have to think of lighting, camera equipment and actors, but also many little things that have to be planned and executed in detail well ahead  of the actual shooting.

The basic idea of the video was clear: A manufacturer of mobile computers wants to focus more on the retail sector and address potential customers in the right way and show that the existing product range is ideally suited for use in retail. For this purpose, we created a comprehensive storyboard, booked an appropriate location, and determined which products should be shown in the video.

The Result: A working Retail application

To demonstrate typical tasks in retail, we needed an app that could be run on different devices with different display sizes. From the main menu, the UX design was created in a way so users (or actors) can easily navigate to individual functions. Since high-quality product photos were also shot during the production of the video, we needed to ensure that the actors could “play” with the app in each scene to create the effect of a real store. For this, we built various app screens to represent stock, browsing items, inventory processes, and checkout payments.

One video for all Platforms

The final video is a full video clip, but is also used only scene by scene for specific purposes. For example, it can be used at trade shows to present interesting retail products to visitors or as an ad on social media channels.




Max is the Founder of angaero in Germany, and Co-Founder of angaero in South Korea.

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