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New York, New York

In January 2022, after a long break due to Corona, the NRF finally took place again in New York. As the largest retail trade fair, the NRF is an important industry meeting place, and Point Mobile, a South Korean manufacturer of robust data capture devices and scanners, was again on site with their own booth. In addition to the entire booth planning and layout, we were also asked to design a 40-page catalog.

The environment in mind

Point Mobile attends around 15 trade shows worldwide every year. Not only is each of these trade shows meticulously prepared and planned through, but promotional materials must also be reviewed and updated for each show. Until now, hundreds of data sheets were printed in advance for almost every trade show, which were then brought or sent to the respective event. Not only a high logistical effort, but also bad for the environment. To get around this problem, we decided to stop distributing classic data sheets and to create a new catalog that not only contains the most important product data, but also much more in-depth information about the manufacturer and the industry itself. In order to keep the impact on nature as low as possible, we decided to use recycled paper without coating, printed with inks made from soy ink.  

To still be able to show trade show visitors data sheets if they wanted, we relied on a solution with QR codes. A small plate was placed next to each product, which contained the model name and QR code. A simple scan via smartphone camera directly displayed the respective data sheet in the browser. All important information was thus quickly available and could be downloaded as needed.

A lot to read for the readers

The catalog itself contains product news as well as a detailed comparison table of all data acquisition devices and their accessories. We carefully selected appropriate text and images from existing content and incorporated them into the layout. In consultation with Point Mobile, we spent a lot of time researching new articles, which we wrote to suit the retail sector. Many of the graphics and renderings were penned by us and we also took special product photographs specifically for this catalog.

Customizable for other events

The content of this catalog was designed in such a way that it can also be easily reused for other occasions. With minor adjustments, for example, a similar catalog has already been created for EuroShop, which took place in Düsseldorf in May 2022.





Max is the Founder of angaero in Germany, and Co-Founder of angaero in South Korea.

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